Музыка из сериала Бесстыжие - Бесстыдники (Shameless) 2 сезон

1 серия

East Coast - The Master

Julia Michaels - Born To Party

Ultra Violet Sound - Ooh, I Like It

Beyond Music Library - Get Your Hustle On

Oslo - Riff Raff

Rodgers & Hammerstein - Climb Every Mountain

Baby Strange - She's a Backstabber

The Chesterfield Kings - Dawn

The Chesterfield Kings - Death Is the Only Real Thing

The Diner Music Library - Don't Stop Rocking

Third Grade Haters - Get On Board

Dick & Harry - When the Saints

The Leaning Eaves - I Lie

5 Alarm Music Library - Drinking Time

Phil Ogden Bryan - Style

The Whigs - Right Hand On My Heart

Phil Ogden & Bryan Steele - Style

Kickstart - El Diablo

The Sour Notes - Do-ers & Say-ers

Tokyo Police Club - Breakneck Speed

The Light Brigade - No Place I'd Rather Be

Chris Pureka - Hangman

2 серия

Frightened Rabbit - Yes, I Would

The Goodnight Loving - Into A Grape

The Whigs - Right Hand On My Heart

Twirl - Pick Me Up

5 Alarm Music Library - Again and Again

Extreme Music Library - Halycon Rays

Freeplay Music Library - Dixie Pickins

Jimmy Johnson and The Lucky Hearts - Get It

Crucial Music Library - You to Me

Eddie Bo - Funky Yeah

Atlantic Line - Ghosts in the Daylight

Tim Hanauer - This Is

Wild Yaks - River May Come

The Rosebuds - I Better Run

Larry Tee & Princess Superstar - Licky (Vandalism Remix)

Bumblebeez - Freak Ya Loneliness

The Standing 8 Counts - Yeah

Clooney - Wham Bam

3 серия

Bosshouse Music - Vampire Kiss

Daniel Lenz - Lemon and Lime

Baby Strange - Love

Extreme Music Library - Hapa Haole

Shawn Hook - Dirty Little War

Freeplay Music Library - Bouncing

Garbage - #1 Crush

Jon Butcher Axis - Stiff Little Breeze

Monsters Are Waiting - Another Place

Jingle Punks - This Time I'll Get It Right

Bosshouse Music - 1 Eyed Closed

Bosshouse Music - 1 Eye Closed

s.o.stereo - What You Wanted Me To Do

The Sour Notes - One Fell Swoop

Freeplay Music Library - If I Was

The Primers - How Does It Grab You

Capital City - Sure Thing

Bosshouse Music - External Organ

The Dixie Cups - Chapel Of Love

Heart - Alone

Kennedy - Turkey Pot Pie

Atlantic Line - Muscle and Charm

APM Music Library - Clockwork Polka

Killer Tracks Library - Caribbean Fantasy

Georg Brandl - Panned Wedding

The Young Werewolves - Mischief Night

4 серия

The Whigs - Kill Me Carolyne

Capitol City - Who's That Dude - Part One

Swingin' Utters - Tied Down, Spit On

The Rosebuds - You Better Get Ready

Lion Vibes - Fear Not

Jay Condiotti - I Get My Way

B.A.S.K.O. - Ain't No Game (featured In Veronica Mars)

Earlimart - 700 > 100

Kovas - Grape Drank Heavy

Kovas - Grape Drank

Daniel Agust - Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

Kill the Alarm - The Difference

The Scotch of Saint James - My Shoes

The Standing 8 Counts - Yeah

Crispin Cioe - Route 32 Blues

Blacksoul - Can't Help Myself

The Little Heroes - Postcards Sent West

Bosshouse - Portly at Midnight

Bosshouse Music - Portly at Midnight

Brilliant Fanzine - Smile

Swingin' Utters - Teenage Genocide

Choo Choo La Rouge - Black Cloud

5 серия

The Chosen Few - Cut Me In

Wild Yaks - River May Come

Mem Shannon - No Religion

Like Clockwork - Tonight's the Night (Instr.)

Mem Shannon - No Religion

Mem Shannon - Phunkville

Fellow Bohemian - Beacon (Instr.)

The Light Brigade - Till the Wheels Come Off (Instr.)

Bosshouse Music - External Organ (Instr.)

The Rosebuds - Life Like (Instr.)

5 Alarm Music Library - Red Light District

Extreme Music Library - Lover Boy (Instr.)

Dead Country - The Shade

Eddie Bo and Inez Cheatham - Lover and a Friend

Milan String Quartet (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart) - Thema con Variazioni - No. 1 in A Major

Stedapool Watt - Get What I'm Giving

Sea of Cortez - The Return (Instr.)

Hunt Preston - String Quartet in B Flat Major

Rosebuds - When the Lights Go Dim

My Goodness - C'mon Doll

SchwaB - Little Beats

Graham Wright - Canadian Thanksgiving

The Whigs - Mission Control

Like Clockwork - Tonight's the Night

Fellow Bohemian - Beacon

The Light Brigade - Till The Wheels Come Off

Bosshouse Music - External Organ

The Rosebuds - Life Like

Christopher Turner & Grant Ransom - Red Light District

Danny Barker & Alan Lomax - Lover Boy

The Sea of Cortez - The Return

The Rosebuds - When the Lights Went Dim

6 серия

The Breakers - Start the Show

SyncFree Music Library - Alpha Girls

Pushstart Wagon - BSM 10492 Los Angeles (Instr.)

Gold Motel - We're On the Run

Mazes - Summer Hits or J+J Don't Like

High Priests - MDV - Stand Together

The Marys - CMI4354 Nothing to Lose

Mark Boulle & The Haba Dudes - I See You I need You - Part One

La Strada - Loved You All Along

Twirl - Hot Gossip (Instr.)

Twirl - Hot Gossip

The Marys - Nothing to Lose

Mark Boulle And The Haba Dudes - I See You I Need You

High Priests - Stand Together

Pushstart Wagon - Los Angeles

7 серия

The Diner - Not Gonna Play By Your Rules

Clive Davis and Graham Russell - All Out of Love

Third Grade Haters - Overdrive

Darko Saric - Jumping High Contact

The Lion Vibes - Fear Not

Dev - In the Dark

Triniti & $traw Tha Vegas Don - Who's the Mac

Spank - Get That Money

Kid Kamakazi - Clutchshooter

The DNC - Dance (The Way It Moves) [feat. Gigi]

Morcheeba - Even Though

Seal - Kiss from a Rose

Derek Ash - All The Way

The Diner - My Fixed Gear Bike

The Goodnight Loving - Ain't It Weird

Experience Deluxe - Shisha At the Bazar

Acquaviva & Luetzenkirchen - No Fear

Vian Pelez - The Fountain - Extended Mix

8 серия

Third Grade Haters - Get On Board

The Diamond Light - Dusty Walls

Just Kait - Gonna Rock

John Neal - Shady

The Marys - Nothing to Lose

Double Dagger - Camouflage

The Diamond Light - Thunderhorse

Stephen Graziano - Cruisin' the Strip

John Butcher - Stiff Little Breeze

Sour Notes - One Feel Swoop (Part 1)

The Diamond Light - Jungle Song

Goodnight Loving - Purple Death (Theft)

The Slow Push - The One Step

Chris Pureka - Wrecking Ball

The Sour Notes - One Fell Swoop

9 серия

Twirl - Pick Me Up

Earlimart - Nevermind the Phonecalls

Bosshouse Music Library - U R No Good 4 Me

Electric Tickle Machine - Part of Me

Earlimart - Bloody Nose

Apex Manor - Burn Me Alive

The Novocaines - Ragdoll Blues

Patsy Cline - Walkin' After Midnight

Bosshouse Music Library - Hard Way Up

Earth, Wind & Fire - September

Mean Jeans - Tears In My Beers

Cobra Starship - #1Nite (One Night)

The Long Winters - Seven

Lupe Fiasco - The Show Goes On

Clooney - Wham Bam

Cobra Verde - World Can't Have Her

Van Halen - You Really Got Me

Seal - Kiss from a Rose

10 серия

Sydney Wayser - Wake Up

Oslo - Riff Raff

The Diamond Light - Thunderhorse

Carla Werner - Edge of Joy

Ivan Julian - The Naked Flame

Miss Eighty 6 - My First Wish

Moa - Hunt You Down

Chris Pureka - Landlocked

Dead Country - The Shade

Middle Distance Runner - If It Bleeds

Jody - Against All Odds

The Village Green - Let It Go

The Village Green - Come On

The Wooden Birds - Hometown Fantasy

Jimmy & Jz - Beginning

Middle Distance Runner - Boxer

Sydney Wayser - Potions

Chris Pureka - Hangman

The Diner - D-PROO89 Fast Pop Rock

Nick Phoenix & Thomas J. Bergersen - Found At the Lake

Nick Phoenix & Thomas J. Bergersen - Hammer of Doom

Christopher John Payne & Paul John Rogers - Approaching Evil

Chucho Merchan - Fumba Rumba

Discovering Spain - Extreme Music Library

5 Alarm Music Library - Noches En Granada

5 Alarm Music Library - American Sunset

Extreme Music Library - Discovering Spain

Lemon & Lime - Nothing More

11 серия

The Diner - Not Gonna Play By Your Rules

The High Strung - The Luck You Got

Piotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky - Waltz of the Flowers

iZLER - Breakout

Ramones - Blitzkrieg Bop

Reveal - Only One For Me

Ku - Booty Bounce

Film School - Distant Life

The Sea of Cortez - The Shores

APM Music Library - Unwind 60

APM Music Library - Waltz of the Flowers

Rachael Cantu - Make a Name for Me and You

Brightside Darkside - Universal Blackness

Nynewest - Cum Right (Overdrive)

Nynewest - Cum Right (Overdrive)

Frank - First Time I ever Saw Your Face

Soft Pipes - Stay Pretty

The Whigs - I Am for Real

Gang of Four - You'll Never Pay for the Farm

The Diner - Summer

Wild Yaks - Crazy But Not Afraid

The Waking Hours - New Revolution

Pure Dream - One More Day

David Alan Tomlinson & Gary Alan Jones - Kickin’ Down Doors

Extreme Music Library - Kickin Down Doors

Tired Pony - Get On the Road

Joshua Radin - Winter

12 серия

The High Strung - The Luck You Got

Okkervil River - Savannah Smiles

Chris Pureka - Damage Control

Joshua Radin - Winter

Rob Komie - Slow Shuffle

Capital City - JuJu - Part One

Extreme Music Library - Don't Want Me No More

Blood Relative - Three Days On End

Saturn Missiles - Today's The Day

Flatheads - Vanilla Sweet

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