Музыка из сериала Бесстыжие - Бесстыдники (Shameless) 4 сезон

1 серия

Pale Seas - My Own Mind

Eagle Eye Williamson - National Deluxe

Ceremony - Hysteria

Paw City - Canyons

Icona Pop - All Night

Lettuce - Do It Like You Do (feat. Nigel Hall)

David E. Sugar - Written Down

Criminal Hygiene - Sold In the City

2 серия

Old Man Canyon - Wiser

Charli XCX - SuperLove

Where's Jerome - My Hiroshima

The Black Hollies - Somewhere Between Here and Nowhere

Andrew Kubiszewski - Money Owns This Town

Pickwick - Window Sill (Recall)

Rose Hart - Doin' My Thing

Peggy Sue - Watchman

Eagle Eye Williamson - I Don't Want To Be Alone

Mergence - Harvest

Pickwick - Window Sill

Step Rockets - Kisser

3 серия

A.A. Bondy - Skull & Bones

San Cisco - No Friends

Red Devil Squadron - The Virgin Harry

Brice Fox - Livin' On Love

Ruth - You've Changed

Long Gone Midnight - Never Alone

Double Fuzz - Dont Wanna Be Bad No More

Guadalupe Plata - Lorena

Supa & Spidey - Strength

Step Rockets - Kisser

Guadalupe Plata - Gatito

Unisex Salon - Feels So Good

Summer Abroad - Take Control

Mikal Cronin - Gone

Nick Evans Mowery - Mite B Rite

REO Speedwagon - Can't Fight This Feeling

Barry de Vorzon/Perry Botkins Jr - Bless the Beasts & The Children

Bridges and Powerlines - New Mexico

The Delphines - Panic

Lovedrug - Wild Blood

A.A. Bondy - Skull & Bones

Bosshouse - 1 Eye Closed

4 серия

Phantogram - Black Out Days

Hans Inglish - Ah Yeah (feat. Steph Jones)

The Duke Spirit - Bodies

Goldroom - Embrace

The Jigsaw Seen - Where the Action Isn't

The Soul's Release - Ever Alone

Extreme Music - dirty deedz

VOMF - Uncle Terry's Opus

The Fleeting Ends - Elaine (Until Now)

Sydney Wayser - Geographer

The F String - Alone with you

The Loud - Avida Dollars

5 серия

Old Man Canyon - Phantoms and Friends

The Pack A.D. - Needles

Locksley - She Does

Lovedrug - Your Country

The Middle East - Blood

Flipsyde (corrected) - Happy Birthday (melodic)

Sydeny Wayser - Dirty Work

Michele Jusko - Free Free

Britney Spears - Beware

Eyes Lips Eyes - Don't Blow It

Museé Mecanique - Nothing Glorious

The Diner Music - The Story of My Life

The Diner - Story Of My Life

В 6 серии звучат песни:

Sydney Wayser - Geographer

Old Man Canyon - Phantoms and Friends

Attack of the Fifty Foot Guitars - In Time

Christian & the 2120´s - 31-Dec-1899

Free - A Lonely Place

Shay Astar - Amazing Grace

Bosshouse - Last Call Blues


Chris Pureka - Damage Control

Ice Blindfold Sound - Silver Glowing

Life On The Moon - Simple Life

Bosshouse - Until We All Fall Down

Seahorse - The Devil & I

Panther Mantooth - Somewhere Closer

The Sea Thieves - Drag You In

Wheels On Fire - Bad Lie

El Regimen Sinaloense - Amor a Escondidas

Музыка из 7 серии

Bosshouse - Fuzzy Perfume

The High Strung - The Luck You Got

Bosshouse - Stay Satisfied

Soma - Get Down

Bosshouse - Them

Jesse Thomas - Better Geography

Brian de Mercia - Way Fun

Stephani Scovolo - Say

First Com - Burn My Shoes

Abi Wade - Hope

The Fleeting Ends - Elaine (Until Now)

Red Devil Squadron - Your Dash

Joel Evans - Probably the Sunny Day

Barrie Gledden - Heat

Taxi Doll - Wind Me Up

Sea At Last - Sleep Inside Thunder

The Ghost Wolves - Shotgun Pistol Grip

Patrick Antonian - Let's Blow It Up

Cold Shoulder - The Boys Had His Fun

Paul Otten - I Got Your Back

Will and the Indians - Into the Darkness

Extreme Music - Main Skweeze Freeze

Poi Dog Pondering - Pomegranate

J. Roddy Walston & The Business - Same Days

The Boxer Rebellion - Both Sides Are Even

8 серия

Bosshouse - You and Me and Punk Rock

Gauntlet Hair - Human Nature

Hammerwax - Sweet as a Golden Apple

Kaitlin Riegel - Silhouettes

Bosshouse - Take a Chance

Gunther Fitzgibbons - Drowned

Attack of the Fifty Foot Guitars - Something Dub

VOMF - Everybody's Laughing

Locksley - Black Ajax

The F String - Got What I Want

Cameron Monaghan - The Army Goes Rolling Along Sung

Hammerwax - Cop Chopper

The Little Shirley - Beachnut

Magic Bones - Devil's Spawn

VOMF - Stoner

The Ninis - Il Buffone

ZZ Ward - Move Like U Stole It (Paul Oakenfold Mix)

The Pollywogs - Our Love Is

The Scotch of Saint James - 100

Jonathan Atkinson - High Life

Running Young - Out of Time

The F String - Nothing At All

Niall McGuiness - Mickey Slim

Ed Hale & The Transcendence - Man Child Woman

Bosshouse - Brick House Woman (as Heard On the Glades)

Dig the Kid - Cold Afternoon

KC Booker - Lulu

9 серия

The Boxer Rebellion - Caught By the Light

Son of Stan - Rochelle and Connie

JBM - On Fire On a Tightrope

Dandelo - In My Head

Vegas Kings - I Ain't Getting No Sleep

Paul Otten - Truth

J. Roddy Walston & The Business - Take It As It Comes

Johannes Brahms - Serenade Op 42

The Record Company - I'm in the Mood

With Lions - Kickball Tournament

27 - Gullfoss (Edit)

5 Alarm Music - Clutch Shooter

Locksley - Let It Ride

Wilfred Jackal - Anywhere you Wanna Go

Standing Shadows - Struggle of Our Lives War Garden Anthem

Middle Distance Runner - Boxer

The Pollywogs - We Are Here to Fuck with You

Knox Hamilton - Slow Down

High Plane Drifters - Fire of God

Latch Key Kid - Yeah Yeah Yeah

Mazes - Til I'm Dead

10 серия

The Diner - Not Gonna Play By Your Rules

Hobosexual - Boogieshuttle

Goldilocks - I'm Burning (feat. Sade Adona)

The Ponys - Double Vision

Bosshouse Music - Let's Go Crazy

Bosshouse Music - Love and Unhappiness

The Record Company - I'm in the Mood

Quincy Black Trio - Horribly in Love

The Record Company - Feels so Good

Oliver Bagnall - Greedy Ghoul

Hobosexual - Concrete Corporate

Long Gone Midnight - Got Me in a Spin

Voyager One - Gun

Jon Butcher - Whiskey River

Kid Cadaver - Teach You the Tongue

The Pollywogs - I Want It

The Distortoblues - Dispatcher Blues

The Record Company - Don't Let Me Get Lonely

Crooked Saws - Room 414

The Fieros - In My Veins

The F String - Runaway

Johann Pachelbel - Canon in D

Heliotropes - Ribbons

11 серия

The Strines - I Want Something Else

Chris Bush - Is This It?

Between Borders - Pick Me Up

The Peach Kings - Fisherman

EDM - Milking the Moon

Patrolled by Radar - Lost Cause

Timna Perez - Gotta Have Ya

Shawn Lee - Northern Soul

Extreme Music - Sugar Girl

Josh Tarp and The Still - Vigilante

Danica - Famous and Rich

Bosshouse Music - Baby C'Mon

Sunday Actors - Home Movies

Stoll Vaughan - Fade Away

Adrienne Pierce & Ari Shine - It's Your Day

Bosshouse - It Ends (as Heard On Csi)

Portugal the Man - Sleep Forever

Stabbing Westward - Drowning

12 серия

The Diner - Cool Hair, Bad Teeth

Jay Condiotti - I Get My Way

The Peach Kings - Like a Stone

Fellow Bohemian - Beacon

The Diner - Rise Up

The Diner - The Days and Nights of Marion Hayden

Plaitum - Temptress

Wavves - Just Leave Me Alone

EDM - Milking the Moon

Miraculous Mule - Country Circuit Preacher

New Faces - Impulse

Alexander Seth Weinstein - When We Were Kids

Pushstart Wagon - Los Angeles

Baby Strange - Hotel Motel

Tim Foljahn - Bird

The Airborne Toxic Event - The Fifth Day

The Delta Riggs - Anybody Home

Dandelo - Radar

Gregory Alan Isakov - Gasoline

Wavves - Whole Shebang

Exitmusic - The Cold

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