Музыка из сериала Бесстыжие - Бесстыдники (Shameless) 5 сезон

1 серия

Great Northern - Skin of Our Teeth

Tim Paruszkiewicz & Stephen Robert Phillips - The Swamp King

Coby Brown - Hospital

Christian & the 2120´s - Smile At Trouble

Boy Girl Party - Be a Jerk

The High Strung - The Luck You Got

Andrew Oye - London Bridge Is Punking Down

The Amarillo - No Te Vayas

Paul Otten - Batten Down the Hatches

Tom DeGrazia - Live Your Life

1985 - Going Out Tonight (Wanna Feel Alive)

The Stevenson Ranch Davidians - Feelin' Good

Raccoon Fighter - Down and out in a Diamond City

Freeplay - Play The Game

Boy At The End of the World - Evil Baby

Pedigree Cuts - Cramp

Bamtone - Blackest Sheep

Jackson Eppley & Ryan Truso - Pushin

Street Joy - Same As Me

Stephan Sechi - Funk If I Know

Farmdale - Celebrate

Mom's Basement - Run Boy Run

Tim Paruszkiewicz & Stephen Robert Phillips - Retina

Tim Paruszkiewicz & Stephen Robert Phillips - Dienaturally

Tim Paruszkiewicz & Stephen Robert Phillips - Easier 2 Lose

With Lions - Make You Feel

With Lions - Reprise

2 серия

Graveyard Lovers - Blessed Are the Ties That Bind

Bosshouse Music - Little Girl Please

Duff McKagan's Loaded - We Win

Bosshouse Music - Tell Me a Story

Little Barrie - Fuzzbomb

Where's Jerome - Love Transfusion

Joey Prather - Get It Out

The Dark Matter - Bed Of Nails

Stephan Michael Sechi - Soulful Stew

Ex Cops - Black Soap

Bosshouse Music - From Now On

Future Villians - Bullets In The Wind

Dave R Wilson - We Lift Our Hands

Ivan & The Parazol - I Got a Feeling That I'm Underneath

Cashmere Jungle Lords - Got It Bad

Chris Stills - Live to Live

Bosshouse Music - Midnight Atrophy

Street Joy - Wandering in Your Mind

The Distortoblues - 'U Don't Need Wings 2 Fly

Little Barrie - Fuzz No 6

Raccoon Fighter - Santa Tereza

New Influence - The Power of Your Truth

Low - Especially Me

3 серия

The Diner - Rocking The VFW Hall

Bosshouse Music - All In

MODOC - Exceptions

Shawn Lee - Kinda Sleazy

The Bixby Knolls - All a Lie

Toy Bombs - 15 Wrongs

Bosshouse Music - Dirty Arms Of Home

Twin Peaks - Mind Frame

Oya - The Answer

pacificUV - Russians

Tony Lewis Project - Skyhigh

Peter Wolf Crier - Settling It Off

Christopher Wild - Drunk With You

Secret Colours - City Slicker

Damien Jurado - Beacon Hill

The Spin Wires - Ignite

The Peach Kings - Thieves & Kings

The Black Keys - Gotta Get Away

4 серия

The Futures League - Too Many Lies

Davey Holmes - Ballad Of Sweaty Balls

Spank - Get That Money

Sleepy Kitty - Chimera

Damn - Descarta Quatra Manos

Spank - Take A Ride

Inno - Hot Like Fire (feat. Anthony)

Graveyard Lovers - Manifesto

The Bixby Knolls - Preacher, Teacher

Chuck D Beat Crew - Who's the Mac (feat. $traw Tha Vegas Don)

Oh Snap It's Luke! - Things You Must Do (feat. Allyson Dobbins)

The Crowns - Yeeeaaahhh

Beirut - Postcards From Italy

The ACBs - All Over

Fly Bi Nights - Found Love

Bosshouse - Swallow

Chucho Merchan - Kool As A Rool

Sideshow Bob & Terry Wrist - Mutant Upstart

Inno - Fuego (feat. Tony Clifton & Black Stephan)

fly bi nites - found love

5 серия

The Stiletto Slippers - Activate (Instrumental Mix)

James Bay - Wait In Line

Johnny Douglas - Boom

Boy At The End of the World - Graduation Day


With Lions - Hands Up (feat. The Humans)

Black Astronauts - You Give Me More

Grand Vanity - Got A Nerve

La Drugz - All the Time

Minutes Til Midnight - 1.1

The Architects - The Shivers

Will Reiley - Drive

Scaredycat - Steel Belted Rival

J-Man - Invinsible

The Death Beats - Tell Me I’m Your Love

The Pow Pow - Fake It Any Way U Can

Locksley - On Fire

Davey Badiuk - Proton

The Delta Riggs - The Record's Flawed

Moonlit Sailor - Night Stroll

Big City Vilians - Im Coming Baby

Kid Karate - Oh No!

Imperial Mammoth - Little Earthquakes

Telstar - Reckless One

Aquamoan - The Answer

The Wooden Birds - Hometown Fantasy

Christopher Wild - Doctor Please

Redgrave - Manchild

Robert Francis & The Night Tides - Baby Was The Devil

Robert Francis - Baby Was the Devil

6 серия

Attack Of The 50 Foot Guitars - In Time

Joywave - Tongues (feat. Kopps)

Rusty Maples - Long Walk Home

Officer Roseland - Crankypance

The Neil Nelson Band - She Was Country

Willie Nelson - On the Road Again

The New Regime - This Is a New World

Robert Francis - Blue

Bosshouse Music - Overcast

Middle Class Rut - Pick Up Your Head

Ron Schaffer - Airplane Seabird

The Peach Kings - Thieves & Kings

The Distortoblues - Bustin' Out

Gareth Johnson & Chris Bussey - Energy Bar

Bosshouse Music - Fuzzy Perfume

The Bohicas - Crush Me

Zoophyte - The Empire

Dawn Golden - Discoloration

The Pow Pow - Fuzzy Perfume

The Dark Matter - Lost Soul

Chris Stills - Leaving You Behind

7 серия

John J. Harvey - Dirty Face

Low - Majesty / Magic

Evan Watson - Face These Things Alone

Farmdale - Ooh La La (Feel so Good)

The Dark Matter - Munche

Josh Rawiri - Peace Love With You

Brain Tan - Fruitopia

Maroon 5 - Maps

Jeremy Manjorin - Skinny Seventeen

Omega Swan - Alien

French Cassettes - Boys

Gedeon Luke and the People - Lend Me Your Sunshine

J.J. & The Real Jerks - High Anxiety Society

Kent Buchanan - Scooby Snax

Silent Lions - Crash & Burn

Skeewiff & Shawn Lee - I Got Soul Boots (Skee-Lee Mash)

Sleepy Kitty - Mockingbird

The Dark Matter - Dirty March To Hell

Solid State - Goodbye Jimmy

Soft Swells - Go!

Forty Feet Tall - Crash and Burn

Moroccan Knights - Peace Love With You

Shawn Lee - Soul Boots

8 серия

The Two Tens - Sweet as Pie

Omega Swan - Diggin'

The Record Company - Don't Let Me Get Lonely

Kingsize - Mathematics

Animal Years - Meet Me

The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - Money Rock 'n' Roll

The Morning Birds - Jimmy Dean

Ivan & The Parazol - Take My Hand

Brian De Mercier - Captain Cranky

Matt Robertson - Brooding and Building

Jim Davies / Rhett Moir - All Nighter

New Cassettes - Yeah

Crud - Devil At The Wheel

Dizzy X - Harder They Come

The Ettes - You Never Say

Glass Oaks - Confusion

Heinz Kiessling - Mad About You

Satnam Ramgotra - Won't Play Nice

Concrete Blonde - The Beast

Graveyard Lovers - Working for the Company

Breed - Racketology

The Golden Gods - Trouble and Bad Women

Blindfold Sound - Wist On The Window

Bosshouse Music - Bring It On

Static Jacks - Wallflowers

Mason Brothers - Falling Together

The Scotch of Saint James - 100

Ivan & The Parazol - Take My Hand

Tex Ritter (Traditional Song) - Rye Whiskey

9 серия

Moving Castles - Sick Girls

Gary Numan - I Am Dust

Blacklist Royals - Die Young with Me

James Combs - Oh Me

The Pow Pow - Halsted Breakdown

Soledad Brothers - Soledarity

Numbers Radio - Boring

Nick Evans Mowery - Mite B Rite

Current Swell - Desire

The Sour Notes - Never Mix, Never Worry

The Pow Pow - Deceased Large Grandma

The Pow Pow - Payback

I Love Monsters - Hesitation

Big City Villains - Um Um Good

Yard Trauma - Get Outta My Way

Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra & Michael Halász - Symphony No. 1 In D Major, "Titan": IV. Sturmisch Bewegt

Dan Michaelson and The Coastguards - Somewhere

The High Decibels - Get Juiced

The High Decibels - Cut Loose

10 серия

Terry Munday - Alien Empire

Locksley - One More Minute

Southbound - Get Out Da Way (feat. Gino)

Wild Party - Walkin'

Wild Party - Chasin' Honey

Elijah & The Moon - Map & Compass

JJ Zeller - Farmer In The Dell

The Dark Matter - Grave Crusher Rise

The Dark Matter - I'm On Fire

Harlin James - Hanging Around

Fantasy Sanity - We Came to Dance

Ex Cops - White Noise

Locksley - Rodeo

Kill Em Mister - Rogue Leader

The Acid - Basic Instinct

Life On The Moon - Simple Life

Birdlips - Scarecrow

Intercept - Gravity

Night Beds - Cherry Blossoms

Coby Brown - Cigarettes

Sleepy Kitty - Don't You Start

Pat Benatar - Love Is a Battlefield

11 серия

Ghostrunner - When The Morning Comes Round

Dig the Kid - When It All Falls Down

Danny & The Champions Of The World - (Never Stop Building) That Old Space Rocket

Daniel Eiseman - Out of Your Way

The Longbox - Vegas

Christopher Lewis - Firebird

Dig the Kid - All Night Long

The Ettes - Stay Where You Are

Natural Child - Out in the Country

Kingsize - Stolen Cigarettes

Beans & Fatback - All I Think About

The Ettes - I Stayed Too Late

Keygrip - If I Could(You Know I Would)

traumahelikopter - Kids

Matthew Perryman Jones - Why Do I Fall

Transphonic Records - Memphis Crawl

Eddie Bo and Inez Cheatham - Lover and a Friend

Wayne Cobham - Get Up

The Ettes - The Pendulum

Robert Wayne Johnson & William J. Close - Black Leather Jacket

Springtime Carnivore - Name on a Matchbook

Little Leo - Handwriting On The Wall

Freddie Scott - Same Old Beat

Radical Face - Baptisms

James Combs - Barely Contained

The Black Angels - Haunting At 1300 McKinley

Kurt Vile - Feel My Pain

12 серия

The Stiletto Slippers - Activate (Instrumental Mix)

pi.e - Blood to Alcohol

Stephan Sechi - Oh Baby

Samuel L Cool J - Slip and Slide

Shadow Shadow - Where the Ocean Is

Bosshouse - Quiet Dignity #1

The Little Shirley - Beachnut

Earl Rose - Now He Says He Loves Me

Earl Rose - Let's Begin With Love

The Novocaines - Rabbit Hole

Earl Rose - When's It's May's Song

Los Dos - Palmas

MODOC - Coward

Shawn James - No Rest

Dark Matter - Motionless

Chucho Merchan - Funba Rumba

Traditional - Dixie (PD)

Bronx Cheerleader - Marble

The Black Angels - The Sniper

Life On The Moon - Simple Life

Romans - All The Glitters Gone

Bosshouse - Falling From Grace

Chris Stills - In the Meantime

Kirby James Fairchild - Short Change

Los Waves - Hyperflowers

Minutes Til Midnight - Going Out Fighting

Glass Animals - Psylla

Bryony Atkinson - 1031

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