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Standing ovation,
Round of applause.
Baby I was yours, I was all yours,
Now whats left of my heart.
Is wearing camouflage.
Letting go of it all.

Cuz I m tired of hanging on,
Letting go of the bullshit you caused.
Putting my armour on,
And I m ready for war.
Ready for war.

Because its been,
Seven days.
And baby i m so done, so done.
6 whole nights alone without you.
Now I m a.

One woman army.
I can do it all by myself.

Get over you.

Cant believe its done,
Never woulda guessed.
After I gave you my heart,
Gave you everything..
You shot me like a gun.
Bullets to the chest.
Letting go of it all.

Painted the perfect picture.
You’ve erased it all.
Baby i thought we were unbreakable,
And you blew it apart.
Like land mines on battlefield.
To my heart.
No more.

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